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24x7 Lab


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24*7 Labs

RPS strives to create an intellectual instructional environment that help students carry out and master their training and educational courses. In each of its training centers, 24*7 computing labs remain accessible to all RPS students to effectively support their learning activities.

Once a student is assigned a workstation (at the start of his/her course), the machine remains designated and accessible to the student to use anytime he/she wants, until his/her learning program ends. This critical factor allows the student to review, analyze and revise on specific skills that they have acquired during the teaching session, hence enriching their overall learning experience.

Lab Assistants

To help with computer problems, network and basic questions, student computer lab assistants are often available to assist the students. However, Lab assistants do not assist with assignment completion or programming logic.

Lab Reservations

Instructors may reserve lab machines for scheduled classes, conferences, demonstrations or other group activities. While a class is in session, those machines are closed to all other users.

Policies and Procedures

All students and staff are requested to treat access to the computing environment at RPS with mutual respect and responsibility.

RPS is committed to all the legal norms in the area of software usage, licenses, copyright statuses and commercial documentation.

Students and users are instructed not to carry any food/or drinks into the labs, as residue from food and drink affects the keyboard/mouse components, and creates an undesirable working condition.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Reservation, Lab usage, Policies or Procedures, please contact the Lab Coordinator at at or +91-9901975716.