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International Students Helpdesk Services

Student success is the prime dictum at RPS, and we've created a number of ways to help our students achieve their goals. The helpdesk at RPS offers complete assistance and support for its international students from the time of their arrival, until they successfully complete their course training. As you progress through this website, you'll learn more about the support we offer. Here's a few to start with –

Travel Bookings

If you have a travel query – we're here to help. Whether you need to book a direct flight, change your itinerary, extend your insurance or need assistance in finding the right flight, hotels or accommodation, just drop us a line of call us, and we'll make sure to assist you in every way. In case you want to make bookings on your own, our website pages on Direct Flights and Accommodation will further guide you with useful information.

City and Airport Pick-up and Drop

RPS offers pick and drop facility from airports and railway stations. As an extended facility, we also make it convenient for our students to book cabs or rentals with us if they need to travel within the city in a hassle free way or for any weekend drives while they are here. Information on where you can go on weekend is available here.

Currency Exchange

We help you in all aspects of money matters, and banking related queries while here. For more information look up our Currency exchange section.

Laptop on hire

We understand that having access to a computer during training is crucial for students, so that they can practice and learn the skills provided by their tutors. RPS can facilitate laptops on rent for students for the entire course duration. Interested students can mention the need of a laptop on rent in your registration form, or when you communicate with our course co-coordinators.

Local Tour of the City

RPS can arrange escorts or guides to help you guide through the city to enjoy its historical, sightseeing, gastronomical or shopping delights. We can also make arrangements to book movies, plays, or restaurants or assist you with food service deliveries where you can order for continental or international cuisines of your choice. You can avail local buses or cabs to book. More information on how to book is available here.

Mobile Connections

IStay in touch with your family and friends back home. RPS assists you in finding the best prepaid and post paid deals or calling cards to your home country while you are in India. You can also avail on internet and 3G plans and services from leading communication networks such as – Airtel, Vodafone, TataDocoMo etc. Get in touch with our service in charge for more information on acquiring a local mobile connection.

Permits, Visa, Renewals and Immigration Application

Multiple-entry student visas are given to bona fide students to pursue studies in India. Spouse and dependents accompanying the applicant must apply for Entry Visa. RPS helps you in all aspects of acquiring and guiding you through the visa and immigration procedures in order to study with us. Visit our Visa and Immigration page for more information or drop us an email

Hospitals and Health Insurance

If you need to find a hospital, buy or file a medical insurance claim or need someone to sort out your health troubles, our service in-charge can help you find all the information and get to the right medical help on time.

For any other assistance feel free to reach us on or call us +91-9901975716.